Gold Solitaire Diamond Ring The Ideal Cut Diamond For Proposal Ring


Diamonds have been the ultimate choice for engagement rings since time immemorial. There are some important factors to consider while sourcing for an appropriate piece for your special someone, which if not put into consideration may just turn your big day to your most painful one!

Diamond proposal ring

Imagine paying for something very dearly and receiving a low quality, less valuable and cheaper version only because of ignorance. Imagine the look on her face! It’s definitely going to be a big “NO”, a slap across your face, or both!

First of all, it is really important to know what your spouse loves in jewelry. Is it the size? Or shine? Or certain shape? Or is it quality? Know her ring finger size too; so as to avoid the embarrassment in case it is too small or too large for her.

The second and equally important bit to consider is finding some background knowledge on the different types of diamonds in their different shapes, colors, cut, quality, clarity and also origins of the diamonds.

It is always advisable to purchase a piece that is accompanied by its own single diamond grading certificate from a recognized laboratory. This ensures that you are receiving exactly what you are paying for.

The most important factor is your budget! You should buy a proposal ring that will make her happy without compromising on quality.

The traditional method for selecting a diamond is using the 4Cs method – diamond cut grade, its’ color grade, it’s clarity grade, and also diamond’s carat weight.


Of these, the most important one is the diamond cut since it impacts the ring shine. A cut too deep or too shallow does not allow the light to reflect through and bounce back through the diamond. An ideal cut diamond ensures perfect sparkle.

You should always consider the best cut grade that fit within your budget.

Solitaire Diamond Rings

A solitaire diamond ring is a spectacular choice that will ensure a daily dose of unending compliments for you. In their natural simplicity, they are an eye – catching, sure choice for her beautiful left hand.

Solitaire rings come in different shapes and sizes from round rings to princess cut rings, to the best of your specifications. Their bands also consider the type and color of gold that you need, including white, yellow and platinum bands.

The diamond cuts and carat weights are guaranteed not to disappoint your search for the perfect fit. A solitaire gold diamond ring is just the ultimate choice to bring with you down on one knee!

It is advisable to purchase your engagement ring from trusted diamonds Singapore jewelers. Ask among your friends and family to seek out a list of large reputable jewelry shops or reputable and trust-worthy jewelry dealers.

Watch the below video and be aware of the common tricks that some jeweler may use on you. Be informed and educated so you will not become “fooled” easily.

We hope this information helps you in looking for your ideal cut diamond engagement ring. Tell us what you think and help share this with your friends if you find this article useful.



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